A four generations family business

catalin botezatu desface o sticla de vin alb cu foite de aur
vin alb Chardonnay cu aur 23k alimentar golden wine 0,75l și 1,5l

23 K & 925 – an exclusive offer that is accessible to all

Although aimed at luxury lovers, the price of our products makes them accessible to anyone who properly understands the place and role of wine in building a healthy lifestyle.

Having therapeutic values, the constant consumption at a moderate pace creates that much desired state of well-being, restoring inner balance.

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vin rose demisec cu particule fine de argint silver wine 0,75l și 1,5l

The glimpse of history that makes a difference

Both wines are created by Bolgiu Winery, from Urlați, jud. Prahova, the oldest family business in Romanian winemaking.

The Bolgiu family's winemaking history in Urlați begins around 1690, when the logophate Tache Bolgiu bought the vineyard - directly from the Voivode Brâncoveanu, the one nicknamed Altîn-Bey (Prince of Gold) by the Turks. A remarkable historical figure who also inspired Costin Bolgiu, the winery's young oenologist, to make some of the wines he creates. It was, it seems, inevitable that a gold wine would not emerge from the old Brancovene vineyards in 2014, followed by the unique rose wine with silver particles in 2018.

The two wines in the Luxury Wines range became an outsourced portfolio in 2020, with the transfer of their promotion and marketing to Golden Wine, a company set up by two young entrepreneurs: Alexandru Murgoci and Mihnea Grigoriu.

golden wine vin cu foite de aur

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